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BOYS Crew And Friends Coloring Book

New coloring book for print made by the Swedish BOYS Crew. The coloring book features artist such as:
Laia, Too Fly NYC, Blöt, Moms, Fresh Yin, Exil, Lumes, Cape, Marie, Omeh, Dumpa din kille, Gerl, Konda, Riri, Bubz, Einna, Babe, Elis, Dune, Oseks, Böna, Yrke, Sky, Neka, Gäri, Krita, Slur, Seor, Rya, Nema and Jelly.

Download the coloring book here:
BOYS Crew And Friends Coloring Book

4608 Covid Coloring Book

This new coloring book just got dropped by 4608 featuring Swedish graffiti writers such as: Såg45, Serio, Glock, Jerk, Kris, Kaos, Klive, Ligisd, Hill, Que, Slos, Uzi, Sorg, Kear, Bingo, Gouge, 8Ball, Dexter, Cembr and Triss.

Download it here and print it at home:


In our series STUDIO WORKS we visit artists with a background in graffiti and/or street art in their studios. Get inspired by their works and techniques in these short videos focusing on their work process. In this episode we have graffiti writer Spuk painting a Berlin S-bahn canvas with markers and airbrush.

Watch the STUDIO WORKS episode with N.o.madski here:

Quarantine Designs & Pandemic Times (Free Coloring Book)

The team at @companyinq brought together many of today’s top graffiti writers, street artists, tattooists, barbers, and designers to compile a unique book packed with their illustrations derived from feelings and interpretations of the global COVID-19 pandemic. With over fifty outlines already set in place, this is a chance to let those creative juices flow and collaborate with some of your favorite artists such as Kear, Amuse126 or Remio. We could all use a distraction during these unique times and you do not need to be a skilled artist to gain the therapeutic relief that comes from creating. Art is for everyone, including you. We are in this together, so let’s create together!

Download the coloring book as a PDF here and print it for your friends and family: