Långholmen open air art book fair


Tomorow (Saturday June 14) We will atend Långholmen open air art book fair! Swing by with your bike and pick up a book or zine that suites you. We will have all our products with us, including some bonus stuff! Here you have the list of the rest of our friends that will be atending: Moon Space Books, ZZZ Books, Svensk Bokproduktion, Stina Löfgren, Centre of Nowhere (Aron Kullander-Östling), Poor Ugly Bad Boys, Peter Larsson, OON, Ebba Forslind, Atelier 123, Finn Öhlund,
Good Times & Nocturnal News (Egle Kulbokaite & Carl Palm), Artifice.
Here you have all the info for tomorow: facebook event

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