Incognito Magazine 21


Back with yet another bag filled with eye candy!
This time with an extended edition of 16 extra pages to make room for all the great flicks we have received.
Else than extra sized categories of bombing, walls and trains from all over the globe we go travelling all across Europe to give you some great unreleased stuff from EaserSpair, Screw, Spacer and Odio.

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Back with an XXL edition of the magazine we start off the special features in Sweden where we have the writer named SCREW who shares an impressive collection of panels and walls. From Copenhagen we have received a heavy load of Danish S-trains, decorated by the active writer EASER. We then meet up with SPACER who is without a doubt a guy who is one of the future thinkers in the young but active scene in Moscow.
Moving on, we go for a serious sit-down with he by now legendary writer named SPAIR and finally move over to Spain where we got a serious stack of heaters from ODIO that we are pretty sure you going to like.

Then the usual mix-up of trains, walls and bombing from all over this place we call Earth and since the train scene in Stockholm feels really vibrant right now we decided to include a lot of Stockholm trains for all you Scandinavian fans out there.
And as mentioned earlier, this time presented in an extra sized edition of 84 (!) pages.

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Format: A4 Portrait
Pages: 84
Language: English
Release date: April 2017
Weight: 322g

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