Molotow ONE4ALL 227HS 6-set Basic 1


A great basic color set of six Molotow ONE4ALL 227HS Acrylic Markers 4mm round-tip.

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The Molotow ONE4ALL 227HS marker and it’s 4mm round-tip works perfect for detailed works and filling small areas. The marker is refillable and available in 50 different acrylic paint colors.
The unique acrylic-based hybrid-paint that works on almost every surface is the perfect tool to combine with spray cans, airbrush, markers and brushes. Complement your set buy buying single Molotow ONE4ALL 227HS Markers.

Included in this set:
1 x 006 zinc yellow
1 x 085 DARE orange
1 x 013 traffic red
1 x 204 true blue
1 x 160 signal white
1 x 180 signal black

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