TagsAndThrows vol. 002


In this second volume TagsAndThrows spent a summer walking around in the streets of New York. Beside documenting the tags and throws around the city Thomas Karl-Johan Gunnarsson a.k.a. OKOK, the man behind TagsAndThrows also hooked up with Left, Rukus, Stu, Pixote and Fade to have a chat about the scene.

The format of the book is the same as the first volume but this time its 148 pages and the interviews really adds something extra to it. We are already looking forward to see where TagsAndThrows next trip will go.

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About TagsAndThrows
It all started during a trip to New York a few years ago. In the beginning TagsAndThrows was just a an easy way to share nice photos of OKOKs pictures of tags for friends via Instagram, but after two years the feed has grown into a full concept with over 150.000 followers on Instagram, short documentaries on Youtube, fanzines and a series of books. The concept is easy, like the art form itself – the most beautiful tags in the world, documented in the most beautiful way possible. The monochrome images captures the simplicity and rawness of street bombing and has become the trademark for TagsAndThrows.

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Format: 150 x 150 mm (Softcover)
Pages: 148
Language: English
Release date: December 2016
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