Cartel 29: Le livre

The Cartel 29 presents his first book: more than 15 years of history on 416 pages and 1000 pics.
In 2014, Cartel 29 celebrates its fifteen years and the idea to retranscribe this adventure through a book was obvious for us. Two working years were necessary: a whole year for the photo archive, and a second one for the design and the layout. Today the book is finally ready to be print!

The book is divided into three big periods from 1999 to nowadays, which represent the main evolutions of the team, from Brest to Paris, Nantes, Cherbourg, Lyon. Each periods consist of photos – among which certain unpublished works – atmosphere, chromium, frescoes and some concepts.

We chose to publish our book through a crowd funding to control the editorial line to the end. For better tracking and quality, we chose to print the book in Brittany – France. 

Check out the pre-sale here:

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