Hello my name is: SweetUno [ASS,WAF]

Name: SweetUno
Crew: ASS, WAF
City / Country: Born in Basel,switzerland living in Heidelberg, Germany
When did you start writing: 1989/90

What’s graffiti for you: Freedom, identity, friends, art, funk, passion, silence, anarchy…

Influences: Basel, Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin, Hamburg, Heidelberg, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki, Roma, Los Angeles, New York. Writers from allover the world with own personal style creations. Street- and train bombing.

Quantity vs quality: Preferably both…

What keeps you still writing: Good pieces from other writers pushes me always… advance my own stuff…

Future plans: A lot of freestyle pieces and organising “Kick and Throw graffiti show” for september in Mannheim, Germany with IKAROZ from stockholm, FORM76 from hamburg, ILK and KENO from paris and myself… see yaa there!

Website: www.sweetuno.de (under revision at the moment)

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