Hello My Name Is: Diare [EHG]


Name: Diare (Space, Peace)
Crew: EHG, Dinma, Muddy fatique, ★♥!
City / Country: Malmö, Sweden
When did you start writing: early 2000’s

What’s graffiti for you: One hell of a force! From simple idea to reality. The more you practice your skill the better the outcome.

Influences: Life man! From the great people around me to travels and passions. I think you get influenced all the time from both negative and positive experiences. You just need to filter the bullshit and turn that real ish’ in to a diamond. I’m a connoisseur of the good things in life. Like a crate digger always searching for that perfect groove… you got to attract your vision. Also shrooms in the forest, sunshine with beautiful’s, feeding yourself what’s good is what influences me.

Can you tell us a little bit about the local scene in Malmö? We have many generations of writers going in waves from the late 80’s. To reflect the scene, Malmö is a small grimy city and it becomes quite tight to fit all these adhd kids in one classroom. Even though we fight and gnarl it’s still cool in the end cause everybody ends up being drunk at the same underground clubs sooner or later. Some knuckles, some high fives – all good! At the time when the City Tunnel (Copenhagen – Malmö connection) opened up and the new purple commuters (Pågatåg) arrived the scene kind of flourished again in a good type of battle between all.  Benching you could caught a whole lot of pieces, both from the regional Öresund trains and also all the purple train models that was running at the time. But to much is to much … the train company hired a vandal squad and a lot of writers got burned. Using sensors, cameras etc.  That really fucked the scene and it’s almost dead right now. Of course it’s still stuff getting done but you really need to put in work these days and be a lucky prick 

Whats most important when it comes to style? It’s all about the do-dats! Be true to what comes naturally in your funk. And of course we are all influenced from originators from the Style Wars-era. Basically I think you need to be versatile and always evolve, take in the old with the new. You got to understand you’re history to make the future funk. So pay homage to those before you then practice and practice more until you master it and then break it down again.. 360 cycle complete.

What keeps you still writing: The journey.. creating unreal real memories. Plus this is a fucking addiction and I’m a letter feen haha!

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