Molotow 211EM Refill Extension Starter Kit


This smart Molotow Refill Extension package include two empty 211EM markers 4mm, five exchange tips in different styles and refill extensions.

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Molotows Refill Extensions is a easy and smart way for not getting paint all over your clothes and fingers when refilling your pump markers. The extension ring will keep all the small parts from the valve in one place, and let you open the marker bellow the ring.

Included in this package:
• 2 x 211EM (4 mm)
• 5 x exchange tips
• 2 x Refill Extension Series B
• 1 x Refill Extension Series B for FREE!

Molotow Refill philosophy
The idea of the new Molotow Refill Extension ring has totally revolutionized the refill technology of our pump markers. Never again greasy hands and even the mixing of new color shades becomes child’s play. Every Molotow pump marker of the series 100/200/400/600 and 700 can be upgraded with the Molotow Refill Extension ring now. At a time where raw materials are rare and prices are increasing, the Molotow painting tools, with exchangeable tips and refill function, are not only a cheap solution, but they also guarantee sustainability.

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