Molotow ONE4ALL 127HS-EF Marker


A great crossover-tip 1mm marker from Molotow available in 2 colors, black and white. Filled with the highly opaque, permanent and UV resistant ONE4ALL acrylic ink. Perfect for canvas work, blackbook’s, drawings, metal, wood and much more.



The Molotow ONE4ALL 127HS-EF marker and it’s 1mm crossover-tip works perfect for details and outlines. The marker is refillable and available in 2 acrylic paint colors, black and white. Also the tip is exchangeable with the 1,5mm crossover-tip, 2mm or 1mm fine-tip.

The unique acrylic-based hybrid-paint that works on almost every surface is the perfect tool to combine with spray cans, airbrush, markers and brushes.

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