Stylefile Marker Brush 12-set Neutral Grey


Mixed neutral grey colours of Stylefile Marker Brush that comes in a pack of 12. A good package for you who wish to test Stylefile’s brush markers. The markers have a dual tip: a soft brush tip and a wide chisel tip. The markers are alcohol-based and refillable, we also sell them separately if you wish to complement your set with more colours. See all markers and sketchbooks from Stylefile here.

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Included in the set:
000 colorless blender, 900 black, ng0 neutral grey 0, ng1 neutral grey 1, ng2 neutral grey 2, ng3 neutral grey 3, ng4 neutral grey 4, ng5 neutral grey 5, ng6 neutral grey 6, ng7 neutral grey 7, ng8 neutral grey 8, ng9 neutral grey 9.

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