Uni Posca Markers PC-5M 15-set


Great selection of the popular Uni Posca PC-5M marker is now available as a 15-set with 10% discount compared to buying singe markers. The Uni Posca Marker PC-5M Medium is a 4mm marker equipped with fiber-tip that makes the opaque water-based ink flow perfectly on your favorite surface.

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In stock



Included in the set:
1 x Black
1 x Grey
1 x White
1 x Yellow
1 x Bright
1 x Yellow
1 x Light Orange
1 x Orange
1 x Red
1 x Pink
1 x Violett
1 x Blue
1 x Light
1 x Blue
1 x Light Green
1 x Green
1 x Brown

About Uni Posca Markers
Uni Posca Markers is filled with water-based opaque paint so even the light colors covers the darks and vice versa. The paint is non-toxic, lightfast, water-resistant and works on all kinds of surfaces including paper, glass, metal and wood. All Posca Markers has a pump valve for easy control of the paint flow. Uni Posca Markers stands for high quality and all products made in the Uni Mitsubishi Pencil factory in Japan.

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