Style Wars Blue Ray to be release 2014

Years ago, Tony Silver and Henry Chalfant set out to make a Hi-Def master of Style Wars, by digitizing the original negative of the film. They were very disappointed to discover that the negative had been damaged in storage and that fixing each damaged frame would cost much more money than we had at the time. However we were determined to be able to fix it some day. We are very happy to say that they have finally succeeded.  The movie was restored by Chris Woods who, expertly, and with great sensitivity and patience was able to restore the film digitally, frame by frame. The aim now is to have a Blu Ray available in time for the thirtieth anniversary of Style Wars’ 1984 release, early in 2014. The Blu Ray, in addition to the restored Hi Definition film, will include amazing bonus features; the much anticipated OUTTAKES and never-before-seen footage from the editing room where Style Wars was cut. In this amazing 30-year-old footage you’ll see Tony Silver, Victor Kanefsky, Sam Pollard, Burleigh Wartes and Henry Chalfant working, discussing and battling to shape the story that we were ultimately able to tell in the completed film.

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