The Rise of Graffiti Writing – From New York To Europe (9/10) Germany 1983 | 1983 – 1986

Graffiti in Germany: The painters Stone, Neon and Loomit are the first in their field. From the mid-80s, they ensure that their pictures come under the people – preferably on wagons of Deutsche Bahn. From today’s perspective, hard to believe: All this did not happen in Berlin, but in and around Munich. In this episode, we learn what was going on with the Geltendorf train and how graffiti found its way into the rest of Germany.

In ten episodes, the documentary series traces the rise of the graffiti movement: from New York in the 1970s to Amsterdam and Paris to Munich, from where the graffiti virus infected Europe from the 1980s onwards. In episode 9, we meet Stone, Neon and Loomit among others: three graffiti veterans representing the first generation of German sprayers in the 1980s.

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